“I always look forward to a session with Lady Pim. She has an effervescent personality, a skilled hand, a rocking bod, and a quick mind. She always leaves me guessing in a scene, and wanting more after one.” -D

“Lady Pim has a very caring way of beating the shit out of me.” -K

"I so enjoyed my session today and am very impressed and inspired by my time with Lady Pim. Such a wonderful person that left me feeling safe, understood, and excited for the next steps of my kinky journey." -C

"I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Lady Pim. She skillfully guided me through a wide spectrum of wondrous sensations... from the very soft and sensual, to quite harsh and sadistic. The pacing was perfect, repeatedly rising and falling in intensity and energy. She was attentive, focused and delightfully playful throughout the entire session. Lady Pim made me feel safe, valued, and welcomed from start to finish, and I left with that happy sub high that lasted all night and into the next day. A truly first rate, professional quality session." -I

"Lady Pim managed to work in almost everything I mentioned, but also did so in a way that felt very organic, for instance: waiting until I was a little bit saucy before gagging me. This had the effect of not only being a lot of fun, but also of imbuing me with a sense of feeling understood, which hasn't happened many other times in my now 35 years and is something I am really appreciative of." -B

"The session exceeded both our expectations and we are still smiling from that night! A was especially taken as she didn't know how far things would progress and she was blown away and very happy (and turned on!) by how things turned out... she wants to book another session for her birthday! Thanks again for being such a good Mistress and crafting an amazing night for us!" -T & A